No Man's Cubic

art intervention, 2014.

photo documentation, inkjet print on forex, dimensions: 15 x ( 18 x 26 ) cm

The work consists of fifteen photographs, which are documentation of the artistic intervention. Arranged in chronological order, the photographs show the author and the other participants of the action, more precisely their actions through the stages of labor. Historical and political context is important for the perception of this site - specific work.

The objective was to transfer a cubic meter of land from the Republic of Croatia into the Republic of Serbia and vice versa. A wooden box was made, and then a cubic of land was dug out in Baranja region. At the border crossing “Bezdan”, Croats after protracted negotiations allow their land to go to a neighboring country. On the Serbian border customs officials after exhaustive testing and a series of telephone calls, did not allow the entry of foreign lands on their territory. Due to bureaucratic and legal framings, the replacement is not performed in its full amount of approximately one ton. The cubic meter of land was returned to where it was dug up, but a few pounds still transported across the border and so it managed to enter the Republic of Serbia. In Vojvodina region a cubic of land was dug out, and a few pounds Croatian land was thrown in. The second part of the exchange was also carried out in small quantities. On both sides of the Croatian - Serbian border a “no man’s cubic” was embossed. Although in its totality the material has not been performed, the semantic level is satisfied by transferring a few pounds on both sides of the border crossing “Bezdan”. The action of permutations reviews sovereignty over the land and absoluteness and sense of the border. Separated from its base, this piece of space gets a new meaning