The Duel

interactive computer installation, 2016.

hardware and software programming: Mario Filipović

The viewer in real space is opposed to the artist in virtual space. In front of the viewer is a gun. With precise triggering it is possible to liquidate the figure of the author on the video projection.
In this interactive computer installation the visitor is placed in a position of dominance and power, where he is left with the decision whether to use the weapon and to interact/conflict with the work of art. After the first shot and the first apparent death, the figure of the author, recovers and induces the viewer to react again. The question is what is the reaction of the observer when he or she is in the confrontation with the work or the artist's alter ego? Is there anything dangerous about the aesthetic pleasure of the sort of attack at the work? It is the paradoxical duel between the oppositions: the real and the virtual world, the audience and the work of art. Each side has a specific advantage compared to the opposed other. The figure of the author is not armed, but its power and the possibility of fighting back, reflects in its constant regeneration and ostensible permanence. If the viewer refuses to engage in the duel, the figure of the author will continue to stand still, provoking the reaction of the viewer.
The area of interest is the spectator's contemplation after deciding to leave the endless duel. More important than the sensor for infrared waves, are our individual sensors, which generate our own image and conclusions.